Role of KHA-CARI Guideline writers

KHA-CARI Guideline writers are selected for their interest and expertise in the clinical area covered by the Guideline Working Groups. They are required to declare any relevant affiliations and/or apparent conflicts of interest at the outset, and sign a Conflict of Interest declaration form as part of the transparency of the process of guideline development.

Key roles and responsibilities:

  • Liaise with Guideline Working Group convenor and other Guideline Working Group members and agree on assigned topic
  • Refine clinical questions and complete PICOM tables
  • Perform critical appraisal of the evidence
  • Write draft guideline recommendations
  • Write the clinical practice guidelines
  • Respond to peer and consumer review comments
  • Commit to update guideline/s no more than every five years
  • Attend methods workshops, face to face meetings and teleconferences
  • The Working Group convenor and members may also be asked to help develop an implementation plan for some guidelines.