KHA-CARI Steering Committee

In 1999, a Steering Committee was set up to oversee the establishment and development of the KHA-CARI guidelines. The current members are:

Dr Suetonia Palmer, Chair, KHA-CARI Steering Committee

Suetonia Palmer

Suetonia is a kidney specialist at Christchurch Hospital in New Zealand. She has been involved in the generation of systematic reviews of the evidence for effective and acceptable interventions for chronic kidney disease since 2005 and is an editor with Cochrane Kidney and Transplant. Suetonia is the Cochrane Podcast editor for the International Society of Nephrology generating accessible summaries and audio podcasts for global nephrologists.

Suetonia is also a New Zealand member of the ANZDATA Steering Committee, responsible for enhancing capacity for indigenous health knowledge within ANZDATA. She is a member of the Scientific Committee for the Australasian Kidney Trials Network for trial development in both New Zealand and Australia. Her clinical practice involves dialysis care, supportive management of end-stage kidney disease, and paediatric/adult liaison.

The KHA-CARI Steering Committee members are:

  • Professor Jonathan Craig, Centre for Kidney Research, The Children’s Hospital at Westmead, NSW
  • A/Professor David Mudge, Department of Renal Medicine, Princess Alexandra Hospital, Brisbane, QLD
  • Mikaela Stafrace, CEO, Kidney Health Australia, VIC
  • Professor Neil Boudville, Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, Nedlands, WA
  • A/Professor Nigel Toussaint, Renal Unit, Royal Melbourne Hospital, VIC
  • Dr Balaji Hiremagalur, Prince Charles Hospital, Brisbane, QLD
  • A/Professor Kevan Polkinghorne, Monash Medical Centre, Clayton, VIC
  • Wendi Bradshaw, Monash Health, VIC
  • Dr Shilpa Jesudason, Kidney Health Australia, SA
  • Debbie Fortnum, Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital & University of Western Australia, WA
  • Ms Denise Campbell, KHA-CARI Guidelines Office, The Children’s Hospital at Westmead, NSW